Thursday, August 29, 2013

When life gives you tomatoes

It's a surreal and heady and off-kilter time right now as I wait for what was private to become public, part of a new collective experience of sorts. 

So let's look at something else, shall we? From the farmer's market. Sometimes it all just comes together. 


Erin Mcdonald said...

Tomatoes, basil and good mozzarella, just what the doctor ordered to calm your jitters of anticipation! Relax and savor the taste of summer.

Margaret Mary said...

Try to relax, your book will be a great hit. Those who know you, even just a little, (like me) know you have written from the heart. And there can be no better story than that, no matter what the topic. Best wishes to you and thanks for all the stories, recipes, armchair travel adventures and pictures!

PghCathy said...

Glad to see new posts. My book has been preordered since I learned it was coming out. Not long now.