Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Did someone say peaches?

They may not be from my tree, but they're still local, their fuzz tender, their fragrance intoxicating. I've got a six-pound bag by my side, destined to become jam this weekend. 

There are many schools of jam. Some believe in leaving the fruit as close to jiggly raw as possible, letting high doses of sugar and pectin do the trick. 

Me? I love the reverse, boiling pure peaches (and less sugar) almost to the point of caramelization, into the 240 degree range. Only then do I ladle the goo into sterilized jars and give them a proper hot-water bath. 

It's a different kind of jam, thicker, visually less reminiscent of the fruit itself. But the flavor knocks you over with a great big POW, which is exactly what I like on a dreary February morning when I need a little sunshine on my toast. 

Up next, we're counting down to Concord grapes. Have you seen any in your market yet?


kmkat said...

Local peaches? No such thing here in Wisconsin. -30 degrees in January-February will do that. But we have dynamite apples and strawberries :-)

Mrs. Lear said...

Oh that sounds so good! I am going to hop out of bed and bake some biscuits and get out the jam!

Margaret Mary said...

Thanks for the tip Clara. I always went for chunks of fruit, not realizing it was costing me some of the flavor. I'll give it a try.

Laura said...

What recipe do you use for your jam? I made grape jelly and peach jam for the first time this year. Like your new book I am savoring them and eating them slowly as I like to do with treats. Thanks again for a new treat!