Monday, May 25, 2009

sibling rivalry

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Back when I thought yesterday's toppled apple tree was dead, I went ahead and planted a peach tree where the apple tree's two main branches split and fell. I liked the way it looked like the old tree was giving the new one a hug of support.

Well, now that the old apple tree is actually still an apple tree, we have a little bit of an issue. Namely, two trees where there should be one.

I'm not a huge fan of killing things, so my plan is to let the two trees come to some sort of an agreement. And in the meantime, just in case the peach tree resented all the attention its neighbor got yesterday, I'm posting this picture of its beautiful blossoms for you to enjoy.

Today was a garden day and I am now typing with only one eye, so I'll keep this short. The other eye is fine, it's just concealed beneath a red, blotchy, swollen lid where a certain ex-black fly decided to have its dinner. But the rugosas were successfully transplanted out of the lawn mower's path, so my sacrifice was worth it.

And no, I didn't slip in the shower.

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