Tuesday, May 26, 2009

dear diary

Welcome to day 26 of my 31-day blogstravaganza! For those just joining, let me reassure you that I do not make a regular practice of posting every day. In fact, it was my tendency not to post that finally prompted me to take the post-a-day challenge.

We're on the home stretch and I find myself facing new obstacles. Having shared so many frequent updates about the minutiae of my life, I feel like we're on much closer terms now. To the point where it almost seems normal to tell you what I had for breakfast and whether or not my toenails need clipping. Neither of which you need to know.

However, I will tell you about tomorrow's adventure, when I have my very first (and hopefully only) MRI. They want to see the contents of my brain and make sure all is as it should be. No monster truck rallies or tiny dancing babies or anything.

It will be absolutely fine, and I'm not sharing this to solicit any concern or sympathy. But I do have a wee fear of confined spaces that may or may not date back to the time my brothers rolled me up in a carpet and stuck a chair on top of me. (I think I even asked them to do it. Why? I have no idea.)

Anyway, tomorrow morning I shall be drugged to a happy babbling oblivion, and I shall remember the wise advice that Melissa shared with me here. "Just think of it like a giant tanning bed," I believe she said.

What I really like about this advice is that neither Melissa nor I has actually ever used a tanning bed. I've never even seen one in person. This vision is completely foreign to us both, yet comforting. So if you read this before Wednesday morning, think of me happily snoozing away in my little tanning bed, will you?


rho said...

a tanning bed - good visual -- and I hope the snoozing means you asked for a little something to help you relax :D

good luck --

Anonymous said...

Or maybe you can think of yourself as enveloped in a loose sock?

Marg said...

Hi Clara,

My DH was a teensy bit claustrophobic too. But if the MRI is of your brain, then I think it's mostly your head and shoulders that enter the "tunnel" bit of the equipment -- not the rest of your body. So...not only will you be medicated into a pleasant (I hope) state of obliviousness, I expect that you'll be mostly free to move, even if you weren't medicated.

I shall say a wee prayer for all going well, nonetheless.


Knitting Painter Woman said...

A NOISY tanning bed! Hope you get confirmation results so those of us who don't twitter can celebrate your wellness.

KathyR said...

I haven't had one but have watched while my then teenaged son had two of his brain. He enjoyed it is he was allowed to take his favourite CD for them to play into his earphones while he was having the MRI. The most annoying part was making sure you weren't wearing any metal.

I hope that all goes smoothly with yours.