Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Come knit with me!

The evil deed has been done. I have committed to the quiviut knit-along. Here's the official page, kindly created and maintained by someone else (thankyouthankyouthankyou). Anybody else wanna join me? It doesn't start until September, so you have plenty of time to stalk your musk ox prey.

I'd originally planned on spinning my own yarn—and I still may. But then I found Caryll Designs and noticed that she had a limited supply of MOCO Yarns qiviut, which comes from Montana. And once she sells out, she's not getting any more.

If you've read your At Knit's End you'll know that knitters are powerless over anything labeled "limited supply." So I whipped out the credit card and snagged two skeins of her hand-dyed fingering-weight 100% qiviut. Just in case the whole "spinning it myself" thing doesn't work out.

What color? Friends will easily predict this one: I chose a deep earthy orange called Rust.

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