Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Spring has sprung! We made it through another Maine winter! The daffodils are only about two inches up, and I just cleared the straw from the asparagus patch this weekend. But by all accounts the snow is done, spring is on her way. The snow tires come off the car in less than an hour.

what a difference a plane ride makes

I went to Tucson to visit my mother and consume as much Mexican food as humanly possible. It was beautiful there, bright and sunny and warm, with everything in full bloom. I forgot how wonderful it was to leave your woes behind and totally relax.

As if on cue, it snowed the day after I got back. This is what Portland looked like. Gloomy with a capital G.

But that's ok. The worst is over, and summer is just around the corner.

I won't even mention how hideous air travel is these days. When did airport terminals become enormous food courts? About the same time airlines decided to eliminate all pretense of customer service?

It wasn't the fault of the people themselves, who were actually very nice. But every flight was delayed by at least an hour and JAMMED cheek to jowl with people. The guy behind me had a six-month-old baby that loved to jump up and down on his tray table. Conveniently located on the back of my chair. We didn't even get a movie.

I'm seriously considering driving the next time I head west.

On the knitterly front, I finished the Meadow Flowers shawl and just need to block it.

Because I'm somewhat insane, I also ordered several Shetland fleeces from Hilger Ranch, courtesy of Judith MacKenzie McCuin. I know... even though I'm headed to Maryland in a few weeks.

They already arrived, and they are absolutely beautiful. One had a ton of VM in it (you know your fleece is fresh when the grass in it is still green), and another seemed to have lots of tiny second cut-like clumps of fiber nestled on the cut end of the fleece. I don't know what that's about. But this really is beautiful stuff. Delicate, soft, and gorgeous in its coloring.

And finally, happy birthday to Theresa!

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