Friday, March 25, 2005

Thanks one and all for your kind words of encouragement about the crown. I've been a big baby about the whole thing. (And thanks one and all for not mentioning this.)

The tooth gets ground off on June 1, which still gives me several weeks of gum-chewing, sticky candy-eating, ice cream-swilling pleasure. And dreaded fear.

But in the meantime, I have a confession to make. For years I've sworn I'd never, ever, EVER participate in a knitalong. Not because I think they're stupid or because I dislike people who participate in them or anything like that. I'm just a bit guarded about my personal, non-KR knitting. And I'm a nonconformist.

(Talking of nonconformists reminds me of when Steve Martin got an entire stadium of people to repeat his nonconformist oath, ending with, "I promise not to repeat things other people say." Only one of the finest comedy moments. But I digress.)

But recently in the forums someone asked if quiviut was really worth it. (You see where this is headed?)

Swoonful enthusiastic replies ensued. And before I could even add my resounding yes, someone uttered the fateful words, "Maybe we need a qiviut knit-along someday."


A few posts later, it was decided: The quiviut knitalong would begin on Labor Day. We're thinking it'll involve some 200 yards of fingering-weight quiviut. Either store-bought or handspun. Most likely knit up into some tiny form of a scarf.

Since quiviut is only $24,950 per ounce, I think 200 yards is a reasonable compromise. We're pondering whether or not to allow cashmere or yak down, for those who can only spend $18,460 on fiber.

Anyone else want to join in the madness?

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