Saturday, February 1, 2003

There is some weird mojo going around right now.

I found out my brother's girlfriend (of the everyone-thinks-they're-already-married-because-they've-been-together-so-long variety) just got laid off from her high-tech job in Boston. She'd survived years with this company, endured its accounting scandals, bankruptcy, and sale. A recent merger is what finally did her in. Her last day was yesterday.

So my brother called me yesterday afternoon and I made some jokes about not being able to find her a "I'm sorry you got laid off from your high-tech job" card at the local Rite-Aid. And he nervously said, "Well, um, you might want to try and find another one for me." He'd just been laid off from his job.

It's so odd that I can only laugh and shake my head and eagerly await the thaw so I can start living off the land. (Only in my simple-living utopia there'd still be high-speed Internet access, bubble bath, and really good coffee. Alas.)

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