Wednesday, January 29, 2003

OK, I've had my 24 hours of unproductive self-pity, now let's get back to the nicer reasons to get up in the morning.

First, the beautiful knitting basket I received from a KR retreatee and friend. Isn't it just beautiful? Who could possibly wallow in self-pity with this by her side. Thank you Jen!

Jen's bag

Why is it that we tend to covet things most when we suddenly can't have them? Or is this just a Clara phenomenon?

The dust hasn't even settled on the axe strike and I already have a glimmer of desire in my materialistic eye: A Kromski Mazurka wheel. Mind you I already have a Schacht, which I oh-so-intelligently acquired prior to layoff numero uno. Please, someone, tell me you only need one wheel. Someone else, chime in and tell me just how horrible the Mazurka is. I beg you!

Casey on his perchBut finally, here's one big fuzzy four-legged reason to get up in the morning: Casey. I call this his circus lion pose.

You see, I underestimated his girth a tad when purchasing this little nook for him. He's supposed to curl up inside but instead he proudly sits on top of it.

Our game is simple: I put his toys inside, and he knocks them out. I put them back in, and he knocks them back out. Believe it or not, this is endlessly entertaining for us both.

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