Monday, February 24, 2003

Hatchtown displayI shared a smaller banquet room with five other vendors, including two of my very favorite fiber folks in the world, Jim and Pam Child of Hatchtown Farm (display pictured at left -- Pam is the one in the pink top).

In my humble and completely unbiased opinion (yeah, right), Jim turns some of the most beautiful and perfectly balanced spindles on the planet.
He and Pam live on a beautiful farm just outside of Damariscotta, where they raise Coopworth sheep and otherwise have a dandy time of things. I visited their farm a few years ago just as they were putting the finishing touches on Pam's studio, a spinner's dream space with vaulted ceilings and enormous windows looking out over the rolling pasture. Aaaah, heaven. I resisted buying even more of their fiber (at least this time) but did acquire another Amelia spindle and a beautiful little orifice hook for my wheel.

It was just beginning to storm as I loaded things into the car, so I was forced to skip the author's roundtable and haul booty back to Blue Hill as fast as possible. My three-hour drive turned into five very tense hours behind the wheel, with one stop at McDonald's to get an M&M McFlurry -- an ironic order considering the circumstances.

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