Monday, February 17, 2003

The thermometer is hovering near zero tonight as I write this. A huge storm is dumping 18 inches of snow on Boston, and I'm hoping beyond hope that it reaches me before morning so I can stay here an extra day.

I'm a bit frustrated and angry this evening. It has to do with my discovering an article published elsewhere that is clearly based on a KR piece. How did I discover it? From someone praising it and linking to it from the KR forums. I'm sorry to be a downer, but after all, this is Clara's window. And sometimes the view ain't all that pretty.

BUT, my petty complaints are insignificant compared to some news I just received from Interweave: Melanie Falick is leaving Interweave Knits after four years as its editor to pursue a book publishing career in New York City. While her loyal readers lament her impending departure, scads of aspiring editors are clamoring for her place. No, I'm not among them - there's no way I'm leaving Maine, no matter how good the offer (and no, there was no offer). But it'll be very interesting to see who wins. If you happen to care whatsoever.

It seemed weird to me that her book Knitting for Baby (coauthored with Kristin Nicholas) wasn't published by Interweave Press. You'd think they would have worked out a deal, especially since Melanie brought them such fame and fortune with her earlier Knitting in America and essentially made Interweave Knits what it is today. Who prompted the departure? What were the real conditions? And will Melanie be able to bring my own book one step closer to fruition? Questions questions.

Such is life on this quiet, hopefully soon-to-be-snowy February evening. There's a fire going and leftover pot roast heating in the oven, and Casey is in dire need of attention, so off I go. Thanks for listening.

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