Monday, February 24, 2003

Julie was gracious enough to hold down the fort so I could make repeated forays into the other rooms of the hotel (almost always returning for my checkbook). Spinners and wheels packed every corner.
You couldn't swing a wet hank of yarn without hitting another cluster of happy spinners at their wheels, in hallways, the entryway, you name it. If there'd been a chair in the ladies room, I'm sure they would've congregated there too.
During one jaunt I found Jonathan Bosworth spinning away on one of his charkhas. After I indulged in yet another of his Midi spindles, he let me take his Journey Wheel out for a spin (pardon the pun). I've never been fond of these wheels, only for aesthetic purposes, but I must say it is an extremely smooth and well-crafted device. (Uh-oh, this can only mean one thing... time for another penny jar on top of the fridge.)

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