Monday, February 11, 2002

Knitting ads on a blog site? We'll see what they say. In my quest to become more pushy and self-promoting (she pauses to whip out a business card and toss it on the table), I've decided to run some banner ads on Let's see if I get an email back from them saying, "Sorry, but, um, knitting?! No way."

In other news: Golden raisins are my new afternoon snack food.
Outside temp: 21 degrees.
Wind speed: 260 miles per hour.
Attire: What else? Attractive fleece from L.L. Bean.
Music: None.

Life in a small town: We went to the post office at lunchtime to mail something. Little did I remember, our post office closes from 12:15 to 2pm every day so that the postmistress can have lunch. On the way back we picked which house we'd buy for our card business and fulfillment center.
Note to self: Call realtor and arrange to buy house.

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