Monday, February 11, 2002

OK so I've decided I don't hate Lily Chin. My latest cause for animosity was nothing more than selfish resentment. Her new book, "The Urban Knitter," includes a glossary of supposedly the best online knitting resources.

Although it praises one email list with 2,000 members, and another with... wow, hold me back... almost 4,000 members, it makes no mention of my dear Knitter's Review and its 8,000+ members.
Note to self: Must learn to be pushy and self-promoting.

Dirt report: According to my (quite reliable) inside sources, not only did Lily make the yarn companies give her all the yarn for the patterns, but she also required them to pay her $500. Mind you, the book has minimal graphics and a low cover price. But she basically took rank beginner designers, helped them come up with something, and then published it in a book that carries her name as the author and copyright holder.


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