Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rolling rolling rolling

Meet my new rolling pin. It is a handcrafted solid-maple work of beauty and I cannot wait...cannot wait I tell put it to use. I want to hug it and squeeze it and name it George.

It comes from Herriott Grace, the Wollmeise of wood-based kitchen objects. (I'm only comfortable spreading the word now that I've secured my own rolling pin. Is that bad?)

Herriott Grace is a father/daughter duo in Canada. They live on opposite ends of the country, often sending packages to one another. A few years ago, the father began carving spoons out of wood. Amazing spoons, the kind that stop conversation and inspire poetry. Well, one day the daughter asked if perhaps he'd be interested in making more spoons for other people. He thought about it and finally said yes, but only if they went to people who really understood the time, care, and skill that he put into making each and every piece. Thus was born Herriott Grace.

He creates beautiful objects out of wood and she, with her exquisite photography and all-around Web retailing know-how, makes sure that these pieces find fittingly appreciative homes.

Site updates occur every few months, competition is capital-f fierce, and the prices reflect the slow, tender, handmade nature of each piece. I've been waiting for my rolling pin for many, many months. Last week it finally happened, I was the lucky one to hit "buy" before anyone else.

After my elation wore off, I got a little embarrassed by my behavior. I mean really people, it's just a rolling pin, right? How could a sanded stick possibly live up to all those expectations I'd built up in my mind? I was prepared for a disappointing but necessary reality check. But when the mailing tube arrived yesterday from Canada and I pulled out my package, lovingly wrapped in layer upon layer of paper and bubble wrap, and held this rolling pin in my hand for the first time, I was speechless. I knew then that this perfect tool and I would make many, many fine pastries together.

If you, too, go weak at the knees in the presence of a well-made spoon or rolling pin or, dare I suggest, cake pedestal, check out Herriott Grace. Join their mailing list or subscribe to their RSS feed, and you'll get a little advanced notice before the next update. Be patient, pay attention, start saving, and know when to be ready.

As for me? I think I have a pie in my future.


prudencecat said...

what a wonderful name for a rolling pin, I have a wooden spoon called Myfanwy..

Liz said...

oooooh boy... there's a child's rolling pin. I already have a very special rolling pin that is a family heirloom (nothing fancy, just sentimental) but it would be fun to get the child's rolling pin for my son Tommy (4) who is already an avid baker alongside me. Thanks for sharing!

busyHSmom said...

Love the Looney Tunes "I will name him George" reference! A fond memory of my youth!

sprboston said...

OH, MY...I would feel such pressure as to what the first project would be! And then I think I would come around and realize that even humble biscuits would be well served (as would the pin) when made with love.

Erica Anne said...

Oh, how lovely! If only today were March 14, you could christen him with a pie (and a name, be it George or any other name!) on pi day!

Adrienne Martini said...

Arg! Now I have another website to stalk. Arg, again, I say!

Lanea said...

Gorgeous! I have a lovely, simple mattarello I inherited, and I love it like I love pie. Though, honestly, it has been responsible for far more pasta over the years than pies.

Anonymous said...

OHHHH I love beautiful handturned wood made into anything! I would never be able to actually use it but what a beautiful piece of art.

I have an old "store bought" wooden one that was my Mother's and she used it from the late '30s thru the mid '90s. If I had a penny for every pie made with that one, I could easily order a Herriott without hurting my budget.

Nanci said...

"How could a sanded stick possibly live up to all those expectations I'd built up in my mind"?
You are too funny! Haven't we all awaited the magic that a new pair of sanded sticks would do for our knitting?
I wouldn't let anyone else use that rolling pin. Maybe I'd let them touch it, but it would be mine, mine,all mine!!


Melissa Morgan-Oakes said...

"Honey. Can I have a spoon? Clara says they're amazing."


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