Saturday, May 23, 2009

I've been caked!

I've been caked!
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I went to my LYS today and came home with cashmere and this cake. I tell you, turning 40 is proving to be the best thing that ever happened to me.

Having a friend who also runs your LYS is a knitter's dream. And I'm not just friends with Karen because she controls my yarn supply, either. Although my admiration for her has grown tenfold since she opened String Theory. We were actually friends even before she became my dealer. Er.... LYS owner.

So, when she found out it was my birthday, Karen decided to surprise me with a cake. No Betty Crocker just-add-oil-and-an-egg concoction, but this beautiful masterpiece. Her plans for a drive-by cakeing went awry when she discovered I wasn't there, but she refused to be thwarted. She sent me an email with the subject line, "You've got cake!"

Which was enough to make me jump in the car and head to Blue Hill pronto. (Seriously, yarn and cake. What a combination. Would you like crack with that? Yes please.)

As gifted a dyer as Karen is, she is equally talented in the kitchen. This cake is a masterpiece of construction and flavor. Imagine a moist yellow cake with hints of almond extract, layered with smooth WHITE CHOCOLATE frosting and a fine layer of raspberry sauce. The top is adorned with sweet little blue violets that are the only things to suffer from the time lapse. This is one fine cake.

It makes me marvel at how many other excellent--and I mean truly excellent--cooks must be out there, quietly going about their lives, conjuring up magic in in their home kitchens. Delighting themselves and those around them, not seeking any greater acclaim or public glory than the simple pleasure of making good food.

And now, if you'll excuse me, it's time for my hourly cake feeding.


melissaknits said...

What did I tell you!?
For my 40th I got a margarita party, and a pony. No kidding. Kathy gave me a pony. Best Birthday Ever.

rho said...

seriously - fried fish with french fries and malt vinegar with that view -- AND cake like that

Life doesn't get much better does it - well maybe with an icy cold beer with the fish and a big old cup of coffee with the cake - but anything more would be overkill :D

Marg said...

Fish, chips and those hips, gir-r-rl, your in your 40s now! ;-)


BlueStockingKnits said...

You are already as sweet as can be, but I'm glad I could help make 40 a little sweeter.

Sue Woo said...

String Theory-I swoon at the mere thought. And cake too. Somebody's doin' something right.

Martha said...

Sweet Clara,

I have cake envy ^ .. ^


Lanea said...

still drooling