Sunday, January 7, 2007

Happy New Year!

This is Bunny, a Christmas gift for my niece. She refers to it as "he" even though he happens to be sporting a skirt—knit at her request, no less. So Bunny is a cross-dresser. Which is just fine by me.

I'm actually quite pleased with Bunny. Not because of any specific technical excellence (or lack thereof), but for the simple fact that I actually finished it. Last year was perhaps the busiest, most frenzied year of my life. In the midst of writing the book, coordinating the retreat, writing the newsletter, managing the boutique, running the forum, keeping the site functioning, flossing my teeth and desperately trying to maintain a reasonable degree of hygeine, I managed to create something truly special for someone I adore.

But one cannot give a handknit to one niece and leave the other unadorned, so I also knit this purple capelet for her older sister. Niece #2 is teetering on the brink of adolescence, so I wanted her to have something elegant but that would also somehow nurture or protect her as she enters a period of tumult, emotion, and moodiness.

And on another note, I've decided to share an existential blog crisis with you that I've been fostering for quite a while now. Specifically, what this blog is, what it isn't, what purpose it serves, what it should contain, and what should remain private.

I began this blog in 2002 as a place to share other aspects of my daily life that don't quite fit within my weekly writings for Knitter's Review. And that remains the ultimate purpose of this blog. Not to promote my business or create a falsely inflated online persona, not to improve my search-engine rankings, generate clicks or even adhere to any "I'll post every day even if it's just my grocery list!" resolution... but simply to share things with you that, I hope, you may enjoy reading.

Unfortunately there's quite a bit of knitting-related stuff I can't share with you - some particularly strong opinions, frustrations, hasty judgments, likes and dislikes, and of course projects that are still in the works. It's just no longer appropriate, no matter how much I long to do so. And I confess that this sense of restraint in what I can and cannot say sometimes keeps me from saying anything at all, which I regret.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. To the six people who haven't given up on this blog, I thank you.


Anonymous said...

I know exactly how that works. All of the really interesting parts of my life are off limits for the blog, and I've been a blogger in search of a theme for some time now. I think I have a little blogling germinating in the new format, but inspiration and time to post seldom hit at the same time. I stick with it because it keeps me writing on a somewhat regular basis, and like physical exercise, my writing muscles need it.

Jane said...

Oh, Clara, whatever and whenever you write here is just fine by all six of us!

I adore the bunny and the capelet. Your lucky nieces have a wonderful auntie. And she knits!

Clara said...

Hey guys! It's a race to see when the other four readers notice the new post. Although I suspect it's been so long that they've retired, moved to Florida, and thrown out their computers.

Ann said...

Clara - I love when my RSS is working and I see you've posted something new. Happy New Year - looking forward to another year of your projects! Annhb

Minh said...

Another reader here! I say "It's your blog and you write if you want to".

I love the capelet, what lucky nieces :)

Lanea said...

The bunny is divine. I wonder if your neice, like my very young friend Nessa, things all of her stuffed animals originally hail from Planet Dragqueen. If so, SaaSaa DeLa and friends welcome the cross-dressing new Bun with open arms.

Write what you want, darn it. I can't be the only one who natters on about non-knitting things on my knitting blog.

purlewe said...

well I sincerely doubt that I would stop dropping by here on the hopes that you will write something new. You write what you want to write. adn keep a paper journal for those things you need to get off your chest. I hardly ever write about knitting myself anymore. It doesn't matter does it? as long as you feel good about what you put on here.

Love the bun. He is such a happy lad.

CPAknit said...

Clara- I guess we will all have to go back to handwritten (maybe hand word processed?) journals. Nowadays you don't know if something you write in a blog will come back to haunt you (when you run for political office maybe?). Happy New Year!

Madeline said...

I'm your eighth supporter and sympathizer. Do what feels right! (And the socks you received would send me over the moon, too. Lucky you -- and what a dear friend you have made, among many I'm sure.)

Bess said...

Don't count! Don't count! I was the first to post, but blogger gobbled it all up and spat it out somewhere else in the universe.

Write anything, sugar. You don't owe us anything. But we're always happy to hear whateveris going on.

Love the socks.

Christina said...

Hey! I must be reader no. 11. I hope you'll keep posting, as frequently or as infrequently as you wish. Happy New Year!

RipKo said...

The socks are beautiful! The bunny and capelet are awesome!

You post as much as you want Missy Bee. I'm always lurking to see your beautiful photos and read your wonderful words. If it takes another 3 months for you to post, I promise I'll keep checking.

Hope your holidays were wonderful. May the New Year bring you joy and relaxation!

Donna in Virginia said...

I, for one, am delighted to read about restraint. It is so rare nowdays --sounding like an old fuddy dudy here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, can't get rid of me that easily. Rock on, Clara.

L-B said...

Don't you know I'm always lurking in a quiet corner here? You're never more than a knitting thought away,Clara!

Martha said...

Honey bun,
Well, apparently your count was off by more than a tad - there are more than 6 of us ^..^
You're in the double digits just w/comments so far. Piffle & pish-tosh to your tho't of 6 readers.
As to the socks, wooo-wee, they are gorgeous.
Ditto the Harvey-wanna be bunny & the caplet. Any more room, by chance, in your life for additional nieces?
Re to write or not to write - that is the question, that must be a tough challenge. You are an ethical, tho'tful & smart professional & for many things, you draw the line. Wherever that little bugger of a line is, we'll be here to read what you want to say.
Lotsa XOXO

rho said...

love the bunny and capelet --- sorry it took so long to post we just got back.

Hey if I don't read here how will I know about your wood pile (which I am envious about since we have wood but no splitter right now) and sailing lessons. . .

oh and the knitting content too :D