Monday, June 12, 2006

Oh this is PATHETIC! How can it be that someone who produces so many words on a weekly basis can't update one sweet simple little blog for over two months?!

There's no excuse.

I'm headed home tomorrow for 13, count 'em THIRTEEN days--the longest single stretch I've spent at home since March. The latest journey was to Indianapolis for TNNA. I just got back late last night and am still trying to absorb everything I saw and all the people I met. Each TNNA gets more surreal, but this one in particular got to me.

Picture this: You find yourself face to face with someone you've admired since you were a wee lass, someone who had a strong impact on your career and your goals and dreams, someone you've never dared speak to before, and as you're trying to form a few incoherent words of appreciation they interrupt with, "Oh hey, I read your newsletter every week!"

So that was TNNA. There's lots of good stuff hitting the market, making the next few months of KR review material rather fun.

Other key points of the past two months: very busy. I cannot stress this enough. Busy like even a 30-minute phone call or impromptu visit from a neighbor is a serious setback and cause for distress. As someone who has always scheduled time to lollygag on the porch or play in the garden, having every waking moment programmed is not easy or pleasant for me. But it must be done. (BTW I'm currently dipping into bath time to write this. Fortunately you can't smell anything from where you are, so nobody will be the wiser.)

In garden news, the asparagus came up and was delicious. Last I was home, the strawberries were in full bloom and the raspberries were looking rather promising.

I'm looking forward to sampling the crop of radishes and lettuce that have come up since I was last home. I'm looking forward to seeing Casey. I'm looking forward to spending time in self-imposed solitary confinement to make progress on the book. And I'm looking forward to the luxury of buying a carton of milk and being home until expires. Little things make a difference.

And now, since no knitting blog is complete without at least one shot of a cat, here's your gratuitous Casey shot for the month.


Knitting content to follow, I promise.


Martha said...

How "loverly" to read your entry.
And how "loverly" it is for you to be home for a while. I imagine the "Ah!" sounds you make over that would be like Homer Simpson spying a bag of donuts ^..^
The garden delectable goodies sound yummy so, again, imagine the Homer S. sounds!
Hugs to you & Casey-man.

Jane said...

I'm glad you get to be home! It's the best feeling. I celebrate a little bit, too, when I walk through my door at the end of a long day.

And I think I have a carton of milk that expired quite a while ago. Need a back-up?

Mary said...

Clara, I just found your blog - why did I not know about it until now? Anyway, I also just found out that we both have a cat named Casey! My Casey is named for my grandmother's maiden name, and she's a pastel calico with the sweetest disposition ever. Your Casey looks just as sweet. Anyway, nice to finally stumble on your blog - I'm adding you to my blogroll so will now be a regular reader!

Ceallach said...

Hey there!

No worries, I am really busy too, and sometimes that is just how things go. Then you either collapse from exhaustion or things ease up.

Knit a bit and you will be fine, or commune with the spinning wheel.

Hey I did not know that you worked in the Silly Con Valley before Maine.....I am hoping to make that change soon too.

Well not Maine, anyway.

Amie said...

You knit? Neato. I'd love to learn....

Right now I seem to be completely incapable of it.


Clara said...

Hey Martha, Jane, Mary, Ceallach, and Amie!! It's such a delight to see you here. Thanks for not giving up on my blog...

Cindy said...

Hi Clara- Don't worry- you made me feel better about my own blog. Please try to make some more time for yourself- No burn out allowed!
Hope you have a wonderful summer.

Bess said...

HE: What do you want when you already have everything?

SHE: More peonies.

No more than others have I given up on you - and so glad am I to see your pictures. Write on - with confidence.

hmmm sounds like Yoda has been here - or some hobbit.