Sunday, April 30, 2006

The onions went in
on a perfect spring Sunday
Clara is happy.
This haiku brought to you by the Society for the Preservation of Words.


Martha said...

Oh, baby, it's onion time again - woo ha!

Bess said...

What? The snow has melted? Way up in the far north Land O'Clara? Congratulations. Got that suntan yet?
See you soon - but not soon enough.

Jane said...

Oh yes, wasn't it a beautiful weekend here - I just hope the blackflys didn't get you!


Clara said...

Hey Bess, Jane, and Martha! Yes, the snow's all gone. The black flies are out, though not quite the flesh-eating beasts they'll soon become. And I'm planning on getting the suntan this weekend in MD!

purlewe said...

can't wait to see you this weekend!!

Amie said...

in less than two days
Clara flies South for fiber
Save yourselves, Sheepies!

Clara said...

Sheep graze on the field
Clara only sees the yarn
Wool, glorious wool!

Amie said...

then to fest of sheep and wool
and deep fried twinkies

Amie said...

as May nears its end
Clara has yet to update
must we wait till June?

Amie said...

flip the calendar
June and July are bursting
i think it's the heat

Margaret said...

Clara, sweetie -- have those plants grown any?! ;-)