Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I love it when life gives you unexpected treats.

Today I was in the bookstore (down in Portland) picking up a copy of Interweave Knits. (I know I could take a copy from their booth at TNNA this weekend, but I have too much pride.) The guy asked if I wanted to sign up for their customer-loyalty program. Sure, I say.

I fill out the application, which includes a line for your email address. He looks at it and asks, "What's Knitter's Review?"

I tell him, and he says, "Why aren't you at the Knit Lit reading across the street?"


That's right, the Knit Lit folks were directly across the street at the Portland Public Library. The reading had just begun. I rushed over, snuck in the back of a crowded auditorium (go us!), and relaxed into a delightful 45 minutes of unexpected knitting candy. Linda Roghaar spoke, joined by her daughter Hannah, who teaches in English in Korea but was home for a quick break.

Sure, I was immediately slammed with a forum brawl when I got home. But I'm still glowing from a marvelous lunchtime treat.


Amie said...

Ha! You thought you could get rid of my comments that easily? I will NOT be ignored!

Brawl was extremely well handled, darling, and now I see it was not only your own powers but the powers of the beautiful Knit-Lit-Fest you got to see...


Clara said...

I was sick of Rzedjango and Luiszz posting those stupid spams so I thought I'd test out Blogger's "comments" feature. You like?

Margaret said...

'Scuse me? Molly Wolf is Linda Roghaar's daughter (as well as co-author of the KnitLit books)? Or did Linda name her daughter Molly, too? I'm confused. Molly Wolfe, Linda's co-author, is a writer (with kids and a DH) living in Ontario, Canada...So???

Clara said...

Different Molly. Forgive me if I got her name wrong. She wrote an essay in an earlier edition about her grandmother's pickled relish and basket of knitted washcloths. Ring a bell?

Clara said...

This is going to drive me nuts. It's gotta be in the second book, and it begins with the announcement that her grandma died. Then goes to the tales of pickled relish, knitted washcloths, then how she finally gave up and let her mother and sister teach her how to knit during a camping trip. ARGH!

Jane said...

Oooo! Now we get to play Word Verification at Clara's house!

Amie's right, you must have had the Knitter's Force with you yesterday. You brandished those needles with grace!