Thursday, December 2, 2004

In honor of this week's review of Joelle Hoverson's Last-Minute Knitted Gifts in KR, I thought I'd show a close-up of the one, single, solitary item I have managed to complete for this year's gift-giving season.

So far.

use your imagination - it's a hatIt's a simple k2/p2 ribbed hat made from an ancient skein of Noro whose label has long since been lost. I love the way decreases look on hats. Like a swirl of frosting out of a pastry tube.

Last year I made my brother a similar hat out of 100% angora, and apparently his wife would constantly steal it. Since she usually gets short shrift at the holidays, I thought it time to make her a hat of her very own. The color shifts from a lilac brim, made of the same angora as my brother's hat, to an almost identical lilac in the Noro yarn, which then shifts to a brighter purple, then light brown, then green, and finally the soft sage you see here. The Noro yarn also has angora in it, so I'm looking forward to watching the halo unfold after I wash it.

I don't think she reads my blog. But if she does... surprise! Now you know what you're getting! Pretend to be surprised.

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