Wednesday, December 1, 2004

I hereby declare December 1 National Blog Amnesty Day. Wayward bloggers around the country, I encourage you to seek forgiveness, wipe the slate clean, and blog anew. That's what I'm doing today.

So much has happened since my last post, and even before that. All sorts of stories and pictures that were planned but never came to fruition. I'm not even going to bother bringing you up to date here, since dreading that task is what has kept me from returning to this blog. But if you're curious what I did this fall, here's where you can read my full reports:

And now, according to Rule 1, Section 3, Paragraph B of the International Blog Amnesty Code, I am hereby released from any guilt and free to begin anew. Digging further into the IBAC, I see that Rule 3, Section 12, Subparagraph L specifies that one's first update upon returning need not be an epic post to compensate for previous silence. (You really should look more closely at the code—there are all sorts of good things in there.)

I will, however, show you some pictures.

the first snow of the seasonFirst, our first snowstorm of the season as seen from my upstairs office. (Not to be confused with my new office building, hereafter referred to as HQ.)

As you can see, it's pretty... un-green.

After a lengthy battle, I've finally surrendered to winter—which is good since that's where we're headed. This was my sixth fall in New England, and I think the newness of the move is finally giving way to a more realistic, cautious optimism. Nothing smacks you back to your senses like a winter in Maine.

Mr. Casey checks his eyelids for holesMeanwhile, here's a picture of Casey doing his impersonation of a flying supercat, but with his eyes closed and resting on a soft blanket. He does this for several hours a day to perfect his technique. What a tough life.

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