Monday, June 30, 2003

Finally, a post that isn't laden with complaints and gripes! Things have taken a turn for the better since I returned from New Jersey. The sign had arrived while we were gone, so the first thing I did was hang it up outside.

Then people started coming. And more arrived... and more... And now I'm fighting a wonderful problem: Being too busy! I have several updated pics of the store, I just need to get them out of my camera and onto the servers.

More merchandise continues to arrive. Lovely little T-shirts with a blueberry logo and "Buck's Harbor" on them, and - today - 16 boxes of beautiful French towels in all sorts of delicious colors! I can hardly wait to get home and tear into those boxes.

Unfortunately, the rest of my life seems to be taking a back seat to this business venture. There was very little "other" life left even before this began, but now it's reduced to even more eensy weensy proportions.

Knitting for the pure enjoyment of knitting (not to be confused with swatches for KR) .... well... haven't done it lately. That wonderful Hanne Falkenberg kit I was working on remains in its bag, patiently awaiting my return. Ditto for all the other kits.

I did have to relocate my stash to make room for this last batch of notecards, and that was a fantastic experience. Terrifying in that I came face to face with more yarn than any one person should ever own. But fantastic in that I now have all these bins and boxes in a much easier-to-navigate location. When time permits, I plan to do an archaeological dig into the yarn frenzies of my past.

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