Friday, June 20, 2003

The comedy of errors continues. A huge truck came to town last Friday and plunked down 24 big, beautiful boxes full of... drum roll please... the new notecards! And they look gorgeous. At the risk of sounding completely obnoxious, I'm mighty proud of these cards.

There was only one small snag. They forgot the envelopes. Not as in, "Woops, we forgot to put the envelopes on the truck," but, "Envelopes? What envelopes?" Apparently lots of people order 32,000 notecards without envelopes. Who knew?

Small delay.

Tomorrow I head to New Jersey to watch my nephew graduate from high school. It's an eight-hour drive devoid of distractions beyond local radio, my humble CD supply, chain restaurants, and the occasional tollbooth operator. If I don't update the blog for a few days, you'll know why.

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