Saturday, April 19, 2003

Wow, what a remarkable turn my life has taken today. I'm so excited that -- were it not for the presence of a snoozing cat on my lap -- I could just burst.

Where to begin? I'm not quite sure, so I'll start at the end: In early June, Knitter's Review will have its very own storefront. Not just any storefront, but the same storefront where Sal's father took her for ice cream in Robert McCloskey's children's classic, One Morning in Maine. And it's also the same storefront where little Clara bought yarn for her first project oh so many years ago.

coverFor years and years, this adorable little building housed the post office in one side and assorted shops (including Mary Chase's weaving studio where I got my yarns) on the other side. And before the post office took up residence, it was a general store -- and that's where Sal's father bought her ice cream on that fateful day she lost her tooth.

It's a lovely little space with huge south- and west-facing windows that overlook a front porch, the main road through town, and -- until the trees leaf out for the season -- the harbor. That's right, actual ocean views! I discovered the For Rent sign this morning and sprang into action, because I covet this building above all else. By 3pm I was inside, being given a tour by the upstairs tenant, who had baked lemon ginger scones in honor of my visit. Intense afternoon light was streaming through the windows and I could see sparkling ocean in the distance. It was too good to be true, I thought.

But just a few hours later I was on the phone with the owner, who asked, "Is May too soon?" Surreal!

I'm not sure exactly how this storefront/office/warehouse/sanctuary will end up looking, or what combination of objects it will hold. Notecards, calendars, collectible fiber-themed new and antique items, possibly some framed prints, knitted and woven items, antique quilts, imported English teas (to go with antique teacups, perhaps?), vintage buttons, and possibly a host of marvelous smellies from France. The possibilities are (seemingly) endless. The town is a very popular destination for yachts, sailboats, and windjammer cruises in the summer, hence the higher percentage of not-entirely-knitting-related gifts.

How does this impact KR readers, you ask? Probably not at all unless they happen to enjoy traveling to Maine. And if that's the case, my door will be open and tea kettle simmering, and I'll try to make sure I have at least one extra comfy chair just for you.

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