Tuesday, April 22, 2003

OK folks, time for another game! It's called "Name that Shop."

You were such a tremendous help with the KR notecard images that I'd like to give you another challenge. What should this new storefront of mine be called?

Keep in mind that it won't necessarily sell yarns, so "Clara's Knitting Shop" might lead to great confusion. Fiber-themed goodies, yes. Notecards, writing pads, framed photo prints, calendars, jewelry, antiques/collectibles, catnip-stuffed knitted mice, tea cozies, scented sachets and laundry potions, vintage buttons...

BUT... It will also be the headquarters for Knitter's Review.

The only name I have in mind is "KR Boutique," but this could be a bit too dull and unclear. Any ideas?

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