Tuesday, March 18, 2003

two orphans

One little socky... Two little sockies...
That's right, now I have two mismatched Toasty Toes orphans, one for me and one for my soon-to-be-seven-years-old niece. I got a little more fancy with her sock, using a k2/p2 x 2 rows / K x 2 rows repeat with a stockinette foot bottom. Right now it looks a bit lumpy but it'll smooth out in the wash. The sibling is on the needles and in the home stretch. And this makes me happy.

In other news, my Abandoned Fiberarts Bloggers list has a new and highly esteemed member: Dangerous Chunky. That's right, one of the first and finest crafty blogs on the planet has come to its end. A good blog such as Dangerous Chunky requires extensive care and feeding, often at the expense of ... what's it called again? ... "personal time."

Just as Carolyn - the talented woman behind Dangerous Chunky - led the pack when she started her blog, I wonder if she is also leading the pack with her decision to pull the plug? How do you feel, those of you who maintain blogs? Do you feel burdened by your blog, or is it still a joy to maintain?

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