Friday, November 29, 2002

The passage of time has stolen my original post-retreat thunder. I had lengthy pearls of prose for you, complete with pictures of the hotel room and my pre-return Starbucks latte at Dulles International. But the post-retreat flu - which still rattles my lungs today - has hindered my spirits and left me feeling disheartened. (Even the cat gives me icy glares every time I start to cough. I can just hear him thinking, "Oh must you??")

Earlier today I finally unveiled the KR holiday cards in the boutique. These have been in the works since August, and my new printer swore on a stack of bibles that we'd have the whole shipment no later than a week from today. That's December 6th for the calendarically challenged. These are truly beautiful cards that I know people will enjoy, but somehow I don't think many people will this year. Could it be something to do with, um, I don't know, only giving people 19 days to buy and send them before Christmas?

Note to self: Don't write in blog when not feeling well. Resulting words might not lift people's spirits.

In local news, the pond seems to have frozen overnight. My view has thus shifted from rippling blue waters to a still frozen sea of white. Soon the ice-fishers and snowmobilers will arrive, which becomes my winter entertainment. (I mean really, who needs that nasty bald eagle anyway?)

But this also means it's time to bring out the ice skates for another season. My neighbor - the human Zamboni - loves to clear skating paths that meander in lazy loop-dee-loops around the pond.

If you've only skated indoors before, the experience of skating on these paths is rather like eating real cheese for the first time after only snacking on Cheese Whiz all one's life. If you like skating (or cheese), it's pure ecstasy.
niddy noddiesAnd finally, I believe I'm almost, almost, almost ready to part with the collection of vintage niddy noddies I've been slowly acquiring for the boutique. Here's one shot for the road.

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