Monday, October 7, 2002

Clara's adventures in loomitude continue. I'm almost finished with the first weaving exercise in Deborah Chandler's fantastic book, Learning to Weave. As I sit on my chair (ridiculously ill-suited for weaving) and throw the shuttle back and forth, visions of grandeur fill my head.

Ah, the exquisite throws I'll create! Placemats and runners for everyone this Christmas! How they'll be in awe of my talents! I'll make my own curtain fabric and bedspreads and fine linen pillowcases and I'll even raise sheep for wool and feed myself exclusively from my garden and churn my own butter and chop my own firewood and learn to make scented candles from berries and... and...
Clara's first weaving sample
A sudden realization interrupts my reverie. "Hey wait a minute," I ask myself, "why are these rows crooked?"

Aaaaaah phooey.

In other news, on Friday I learned that Halcyon Yarn wants to carry my KR notecards and the Year in Yarn calendar. Halcyon is one of my very favorite places on earth, so needless to say this news is deeply gratifying. Tomorrow I drive to the town of Bath and hand-deliver their order. Any kind of road trip that involves yarn is a good thing, don't you think?

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