Thursday, September 19, 2002

Sunshine Returns to Clara's Window

Joy of joys, the missing loom parts have been located!

Yesterday, tired, frustrated, and nearly defeated, I gave the ol' rotary phone at Loomville one last try. Lo and behold, a voice suddenly materialized and said, "Hello?"

I explained the dilemma and pointed her in the direction that Julie, head of the North American Loom Rescue Society, had given me. (Ah, that was the kicker I forgot to mention before - Julie had seen the missing parts when she was up there, making me even more frustrated with myself for not seeing them.)

And lo, when the loomstress emerged from the attic, her voice rang with triumph: the parts were there. She shall bring them to town on Friday, where Julie will welcome them into her home, offer them room and board for the weekend, and then relinguish them to me on Tuesday morning. In exchange for her services, I have given Julie a complimentary KR Tote and, more sacred yet, a Happy Meal miniature Barbie prize.

Which reminds me of today's essential link for unhappily employed individuals. Click and enjoy.

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