Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Summer in Maine - as any resident will tell you - is visitor season. The past month has been almost fully occupied by guests from as near as New York and as far away as Belgium. I just saw my mother off at the airport and am expecting a party of 12 this Saturday. So book early for the best rooms.

The Knitter's Review Boutique is progressing like a seemingly simple yet bafflingly frustrating sweater. I won't even go into the snags and dropped stitches we've encountered along the way. Suffice it to say I have newfound respect for anyone who manages to create a semi-decent online storefront.

All you need to know is that we're almost there, and this time I really do mean it. Instead of using shared SSL, we're even getting our very own security certificate from Thawte. I'd like to say the decision was based on thoughtfulness and concern for everyone's safety, but it was actually because I discovered (a day before we were set to launch the boutique) that our software actually wouldn't work with shared SSL. Kinda like buying a brand new car and taking it for the first tank of gas, only to discover it runs on Orangina instead of gasoline. Twas a dark day in Knitter's Review land.

But on a positive and truly festive note, we have just reached our 10,000th subscriber this morning. Look out New York Times, we're catching up!

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