Friday, March 1, 2002

One of the best things about living in coastal Maine is that I can periodically slip down to Boston and absorb big-city vibes.

I just spent a whirlwind 24 hours in Boston feasting on flavorful Vietnamese food, trying on $750 Burberry coats I pretended I might actually buy, and, most fun of all, having afternoon tea with my mother at the Four Seasons Hotel. And yes, in case you were curious, I did sneak out with one of the cute pencils they place by the pay phones. Shhhhhh.

Then it was time to bid adieu to the congestion and race back up the turnpike to Portland, where I published this week's newsletter before getting back in the car and making the remaining three-hour drive to my humble farmhouse. Whew!

Near midnight I finally pulled into our recently graveled driveway. Stepping out into the fresh, cool, silent darkness, seeing a sky full of bright stars, I was truly grateful to be back home.

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