Friday, March 1, 2002

Lots of people ask me for information about how to knit in the continental style, which involves holding the yarn in your left hand. I know of very few resources out there, so I normally send readers away empty handed, so to speak.

But this bugs me because I'm a born-and-bred continental knitter myself.

So today I broke down and slapped together some pictures of my lovely pale hands (hey, it's winter, gimme a break) doing both knit and purl stitches. I profess no grand academic expertise in the subject. Others may hold the yarn differently. But it's how I do it. You can really gather steam this way, especially when bopping from knit to purl rows.

And hey, if you have no interest in continental-style knitting, you can still check out the pics to see how much of my home office you can make out in the background. (I'll give you a hint: That weird thing in the background is my funkadelic radio.)

Because this is a Clara's Window exclusive, there's no link to these pictures from anywhere within Knitter's Review.

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