Wednesday, September 11, 2013


My first book signing is this week--Friday the 13th, to be exact--and I have butterflies. Until now, my books have translated into workshops that I could travel around the country and teach. Sometimes those events would include a book signing, where I'd stand at a table giving people directions to the restroom.

This is the first time I've showed up with nothing but a book. No suitcase of samples, no hand-outs, no props. It feels liberating and terrifying.

Tell me, if you were coming to one of my readings (and I dearly hope you will, even if just to ask directions to the restroom), what would you like the evening to be? What should we talk about? The Bale? Biscuits? How we all manage to navigate this big, awesome, scary world every day?

Our time together is an opportunity. How can I help?


sandi said...

Choose a short chapter from the book to read aloud, preferably one that will make the audience laugh. Say a little bit to place the chapter in context, then read, then open up the floor for questions. Just be yourself. You are funny, and entertaining and knowledgeable - they will love you.
Wish I could be there.

SandyL said...

Bring some yarn! Finished the book and liked it very very much. It will go well.

SunshineDreams said...

I agree with sandi. Wish I could be there. They have "un-canceled" my play's rehearsal, so now I must be there instead. :/ I am going to recheck your schedule; I hope you are doing more in Maine and that I can perhaps see you another time.

Have fun!

Milissa Leonard said...

I agree with doing a reading from the book, and perhaps give the context of what led you to strike out in a different direction with this book vs. writing another Knitter's Book. An overview of what the Bale adventure has taught the adventurers about yarn creation in the US would be cool too. BTW, bought your book yesterday at B&N Union Square. Your book is featured on the top rack! Took a picture for you, hope to share it sometime soon.

Amy McWeasel said...

Wishing you luck & fun today for your first signing for this book.

I think Sandi has it exactly right: give a bit of history of how you came to be there & what led you to this book as a departure from your other books, preface the chapter with a bit of context, read a short chapter (one with an extra helping bits that'll lead to chuckles) aloud, and then interact via questions and audience stories.

You're going to be fabulous! You are fabulous. Be yourself, and your audience will find you charming and engaging. If I could teleport from Philly, I'd be there.

Marfa's Mewsings said...

Ah, how I wish you were making a stop in the Philly area! Much luck w/ the readings - folks will love you, I'm sure of it.

PghCathy said...

Don't keep us in suspense! Let us know how it went. My copy just arrived today & I can't wait to jump in.


Anonymous said...

Hello - the local Copperfield Books had a copy of "Whisperer" - now in my hands. Good grief, older than you by more than a bit, I had also worked at Macy's Bayfair. Utterly startling how many moments of recognition your little book is opening of my own past and present in far more trenchant ways than that coincidence.
Your little book is huge emotionally; so kind and intelligent, so self-aware in the very best ways.
I most sincerely wish you and yours the very best. jdu