Monday, September 3, 2012

Falling into Fall

Wait, huh? September 3rd? Did you see that thing go by? What was it, anyway? A bird? A plane?

And so another summer appears to have drawn to a close. An utterly beautiful, whirlwind summer of family visitors, splashing in ponds, sailing in the ocean, pulling sweet-smelling things out of the oven, taking deep breaths and repeating, again and again, "It is just... so beautiful here." Few gifts are as precious as a full Maine summer.

My lovely little dogwood bloomed for me again. My cakes rose, my granola turned crispy and brown. The strawberries were succulent, peaches smaller but sweeter, the entire kale crop devoured overnight by a mysterious garden visitor. The tomatoes have never been more abundant or flavorful - these, along with the jalapeƱo plants, are the only ones that really enjoyed the hot dry weather.

Now, pitchfork after pitchfork of goat manure is being mixed into the soil in preparation for another long winter's nap. They say it's going to be a cold, wet one this year.

In August, I took a hard look at my calendar and realized that I needed to back away from my baking job. It was utterly sad on so many levels, but my grown-up self knew it needed to be done. I need baking to be my avocation, not my vocation. I wasn't doing anyone a service by drifting in and out of the kitchen, forcing their schedule to bend to my ever-tightening one.

They quickly absorbed my departure and hired two new bakers. The world goes on. But it was one of the best things I've ever done, and I am forever grateful to Cathy for saying "yes" to my improbable request, and for giving me a chance to try something new. We should all be so lucky.

And now, I'm taking a deep breath and preparing to dive under the giant wave that is fall. In one week, I travel to Cleveland to shoot the next season of Knitting Daily TV (pardon the annoying pop-up - their site, not mine). And in two weeks? Iceland. I can barely believe it.

From there, more and more awaits. Big things, woolly things, meaningful and vulnerable wordy things, all pulling us forward to the future.

Shall we dive?


lanamfeci said...

How wonderful to be able to "try on" a whole different line of work. I have enjoyed the twitpics of your pastry. Guess I'll have to settle for the scenery and the woolyness. Happy Fall, and Happy Grown-Up Real Life.


Dana S. Whitney said...

I always think of Fall as baking time...guess that's from being in Texas heat so long...NEVER turn the oven on when it's over 90. How/where do you go to find out forecasts like: "it's going to be a cold wet winter"...? Diving deep, indeed.

EmEm said...

So sorry the extra baking has to end, but so glad to know you had a chance to try it out. Can't wait to hear about Iceland, especially the chocolate. Happy happy fall!

Chris of Briar Rose said...

Oh yes, let's dive and come up for air just when we need to and then dive again!!! I am ready!!!