Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brrrrr! It's been doing this all day and there's no sign of stopping. It's a heavy, wet snow that gathers along the tops of tree branches and power lines, making the world look like an exquisite etching.

Having lived through 12 Maine winters, I know to have a candle lit, a flashlight handy, a stack of wood by the fireplace, and a tub of water ready.

All day I've been racing against the storm, trying to complete this week's yarn review for Knitter's Review before the lights—which have been flickering ominously—finally give out, taking out my Internet connection with them. I do have a backup, which lasts only as long as my laptop battery. Tick tock, tick tock.

For all its troubles, I must say I do enjoy living in a place where I am regularly reminded who's boss (nature) and who isn't (moi). You can forget it briefly when you go into bigger places that we've covered with concrete and big buildings, but here? Not a chance.


Dawn L said...

Love your blog. I live in the northeast also, so was snowed in today, very cozy. I have some old china I use from time to time, it just makes me feel so good!

besshaile said...

I love everything about a big snow except power outages. Alas, we didn't get any snow, but yea! we do have lots of electricity. Sending you good electricity juju wishes.

Lanea said...

I truly wish you could send us some of that weather. We keep getting disappointing, wimpy little storms.

maureen said...

Good morning, Clara!
Do you have an email address that you could please give me? I'm an avid follower of your work and just love it! I have a problem, however, that requires a longer explanation than the space allowed on the comment section.

Thanks so much for your help...looking forward to hearing from you!