Friday, May 1, 2009

May: An Experiment in 31 Days

Tap tap tap... Is this thing still on?

When I meet fellow knitters and they find out that I'm that Clara, they may say, "I read your... your... your..." and they pause, not quite sure what to call Knitter's Review. So they usually end their sentences with, "your... BLOG... every week!"

Which is extraordinarily sweet. I'm always tickled and very honored to hear that anyone bothers to read what I write, much less enjoys it. But it always makes me feel a little like an impostor, because I don't consider Knitter's Review a blog. It is a weekly publication. Online magazine. Newsletter. Whatever. It's a business, it's a publication.

But I consider this more personal. This is my blog.

You may laugh at this news, since I have let this blog lie fallow so dreadfully for the last six or so months. How did this happen? I can only blame word overload. I had too many words spilling forth from every orifice -- words for Knitter's Review, words for my second book (which is now in the can and on its way to China), and words for the various columns and articles that I have been fortunate enough to be able to write. It was just too much, and I had no more left for here. I do not believe in blathering for blathering's sake, so I kept quiet.

Well, time has passed and a little more space is opening up in my life again. It's been interesting to watch what I choose to put in that space. This is a very specific kind of space I'm talking about. Not random life storage, not "gee I have more time for bowling" space, but like a sacred little box in which important things are conceived, fostered, slowly grown, and finally born. A creative womb or greenhouse of sorts.

There's room in that womb, if you'll pardon the pun. I've been having a blast slowly emerging from the thaw and picking up things I haven't had time to do in a long time. Things like cooking. Baking. Decorating absurdly ornate cupcakes. Things that don't directly relate to yarn or knitting, necessarily, because I still feel like I need to cleanse my palette a little more.

And yet I miss this place and I miss talking to you. So I have decided to embark upon a personal adventure this month. I'm going to open my window to you and share all 31 days of my May, day by day, with you. Consider it a sort of daily twitter but with more words.

Wait, didn't I just say I am not a fan of blather for blathering's sake? I am not. I promise, I shall not blather.

And with that promise, I shall send this missive out into the blogosphere. If you'd rather find out what I had for breakfast and the last time I flossed my teeth, you can still follow me on Twitter.

Talk to you again soon!


Linda said...

My May has just gotten better!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Such a delight to have your Window show up in my subscription list! Must go check the "publication" to see if you've written about your new opus. Or the MA Sheep & Wool Festival. Or the end of mud season in ME. Best to you.

Melanie said...

I love your May resolution and am excited to read your blog every day this month!

Marg said...

Welcome back! After almost 7 months, those chillies were getting decidedly over-roasted! :-)