Sunday, May 3, 2009

A lost day

angelique tulips
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Today I write to you from my couch, where I'm semi-recumbent and wrapped up in a red plaid blanket. Casey is napping at my feet, an empty bowl of chicken broth is on a little tray on the floor, and Book Two of the Complete Calvin and Hobbes is by my side.

This has been an ironic day. Part of why I decided to skip the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival this year is because it seems to bring bad migraines - I blame the pollen. Normally I'm a perfectly healthy person, mind you. But I spent an entire Saturday evening one year curled up on the bathroom floor of a rather sleazy hotel room that smelled like cigarettes. The next year I spent most of Sunday lying in my rental car, parked around the back of the fairgrounds where all the vendors come and go. Even last year I woke with a headache despite taking every precaution possible, keeping myself medicated all 48 hours of the event.

So you may find it rather ironic that, the year I decided to stay home, the ghosts of festivals past paid me a visit anyway. Without being too graphic, I'll just say that I spent eight solid hours being sicker than I've ever been before, at 20 minute intervals, and by the end, even the Russian judges gave me a 10 for my performance. I traded the gold medal for a cold washcloth and, 12 hours later, a bowl of homemade chicken broth. (Word to the wise: If you want to love yourself even more than I hope you already do, always, always, always keep some homemade chicken broth in the freezer. You never know when you may need it.)

I'm wiped out. But instead of boring you with any more of this gruesome woe, I'll share a picture of the angelique tulips that grow by my front door. This year's tulips are still humble green lollypops at this point, so this picture is from last year. But it's a nice reminder of things to come.

Thanks for listening.


Lilm4105 said...

I hope you feel better soon! I met you at Rhinebeck (getting your book and having it signed by you!) and am so glad to see you back on the blog again.

melissaknits said...

i am sorry. not much worse than this. and, because you know I can't control my sage wisdom from spewing forth (snort), keep in fridge, near chicken broth, this: As a veteran who's seen plenty, there is now always a jar in my fridge.

Adrienne Martini said...

Bleg. At lest you won the Russians over, tho. They are tough.

Glad to see that you are blogging again and hope the tummy tames itself.

Minh said...

I shouldn't be laughing but your post reminded me of a Frasier episode where Martin talks about being sick and "shooting for both accuracy and distance". Hope you feel better soon!

Thanh said...

I wish Blue Hill weren't that far away. I would bring you Vietnamese Chicken Porridge, guaranteed to make you fill better. Get well soon!

Amy said...

Oh dear, I hope you're starting to recover! I've been nursing my house through similar (if a bit less dramatic) trials this weekend, so I'm sympathetic, and hopeful that I don't succumb myself! (I agree with Melissa's recommendation for probiotics). We don't eat chicken, so I've been making miso broth for my lot. Get well soon!