Sunday, May 31, 2009

Has it really been 31 days already? Indeed, if my calendar is correct, today is the last day of my self-imposed post-a-day challenge. Sound the trumpets! Toss the confetti! Bring cupcakes!

It’s been quite a month, and I am so grateful to those of you who bravely rode the blogwagon with me. Honestly, I think it’s far too much to ask of people, this posting every day business. You’re busy. I feel a bit guilty about routinely pulling you away from more important things just so I can wax poetic about a biscuit recipe, blooming lilacs, a grandfather you never knew, or an MRI machine that looks remarkably similar to a tanning bed I’ve never seen.

Still, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you again. I appreciate the experience of sitting back and reflecting on each day, which became a meditation of sorts. I am happy that the “blog clog” has been undone and that my words are flowing quickly and more comfortably again. And I really enjoyed this chance to share a little more of my world with you.

Generally speaking I’m not the kind of gal who likes to put a giant sign on her head that says, “Look at me!” (I’d much rather hold up a sign that says, “Look at the yarn!”) But this month has shown me that it is possible to share elements of yourself in a way that helps connect others to themselves, if that makes sense.

So much is interconnected. Rho and her clam pie, Melanie and her grandma’s song about white lilacs, Sue and her artichokes with lemon garlic mayo, Rosi and her paper take-out box of fried clams, Thanh and her Vietnamese chicken porridge, Amy nursing her family with homemade miso porridge, Abby and her Penn Station artichoke sandwiches, Minh and her tarte a la moutarde, and Cat and her complete love of digging her hands into dark loamy soil in search of the magical potatoes that lie hidden beneath.

(Hmmmmm, I guess you could say I’ve written a bit about food this month?)

Please know that, though perhaps not daily, our journey shall continue. And if you need to reach me, you can always find me here.

Thank you, my friends!


Marg said...

From Central Alberta, where our lilacs are also just beginning to pop, to you in Maine, Dear Clara, thank you for a delightful month! Best wishes for delight in your up-coming commitments, with the hope that your Faithful Readers will find you on these 'pages' again from time to time -- before Lilac Season 2010! :-)


Jane said...

I've savored every sight and bite, Clara. And remember, strawberry season is just around the corner!

Bess said...

What a treat this has been, sweetie. I never felt dragged away from anything and my life is never too busy to find out what you're doing.

enjoy those lilacs

rho said...

I've really enjoyed this month with you :D and like Jane said strawberry season is almost on us.

fingers crossed that this is the year that it doesn't set off the Ulcerative Colitis - and yes I try every single year and usually suffer because I LOVE them so much - I never said I was smart - just hopeful ;)

and is third time the charm with that blasted word verification???

Mary said...

I enjoyed every tasty morsel this month. Has it really been a month?! It's been such a treat to hear from you every day.

Thanh said...

Thank you for sharing a month in the life of Clara's. Best wishes in your next adventures, and if you'd like to share again, we will always be available.

Kati said...

Simply, thank you for a delightful month. Reading and enjoying your entries was time very well spent. Please write frequently :) Hope everything turns out ok with the MRI.

Peggy said...

No KR today, but I suddenly remembered, wait, doesn't Clara have a blog? I was so surprised and delighted to find a whole month's worth of posts. I gobbled them up almost all in one go.

Clara Parkes said...

Hey, thanks you guys! And Peggy, I'm so happy that you found this place and that my May frenzy could feed your appetite until next week's KR.