Saturday, May 16, 2009


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Are anyone else's chives growing like crazy? Mine are. In fact I suspect they're plotting to overthrow the rest of the garden, and I am powerless to stop them.

They're so healthy, so happy, so perky and reliable. They tell me Mother Nature might stick around for another year. And they hint at what's to come, weeks of being able to walk out to the garden with a bowl and a pair of scissors and return to the house with the fixings for an entire meal--and an indescribably tender and delicious one at that.

I snipped a big handful today, slicing them very fine and tossing them in my salad. It was delicious.

Does anyone have any other good suggestions for chives? Chive butter, chive soup, chive pate, chive ice cream, chive toothpaste, perhaps even a chive facial mask? I'm open.


Melanie said...

You already mentioned chive butter; here's something along the lines: A slice of really good bread, spread with some really good butter, and plenty of chives on top of it. It's really good. We eat it in my family as soon as chives are growing... Chives are also fabulous in a very plain tomato salad (i.e., tomatoes, shallots, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper--and plenty of chives). Chives on soft-boiled eggs: also very good. And since you were talking about mayo the other day: how about mixing chives and mayo as a dip?

(I love the idea of chive ice cream. Maybe you could try a chive sorbet? I'm sure that would actually be really, really good!)

Clara Parkes said...

Thank you for the ideas, Melanie! They all sound quite promising. I may try the soft-boiled egg one today.

Marg said...

Chives! Good mixed with egg and mayo in egg salad. Also in cheese and bacon muffins, for a savoury breakfast treat.

Or you could just ship some up to me. Mine might be dead after today's snowfall. (Yep, you read that correctly. Snowfall.)

purlewe said...

with all greens I go 2 routes. pesto (yes you can make pesto out of any greens, including arugala) and sauteeing with garlic. those are my 2 tried and true methods. And they always make my tummy happy.

Joanne said...

A mushroom, goat cheese omelet with chives. Yum o!

Sue said...

Many chives atop spicy peanut noodles is excellent for breakfast!