Friday, May 29, 2009

creative tides

by the sea
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Remember that little window of space I mentioned at the beginning of this month? Sadly, it is beginning to draw to a close. External commitments once again are starting to lay claim to my creative energy. Not Knitter's Review, which is such a near and dear part of my life that I almost forget it is a commitment. But other projects that I've been lucky enough to snag. Most of them were anticipated and scheduled well ahead of time, but a few came on as last-minute surprises, which upped the tension sooner than expected.

Having had a remission from my chronic overcommitmentitis for the last few weeks, I'm fascinated to feel -- actually literally feel -- how the return of tension and deadlines impacts my inner ecosystem. I'm not talking "boo hoo vacation's over" stuff. But rather, and this may sound hokey, I can almost feel where those creative commitments pull their energy, and what other creative pursuits can no longer manifest themselves as a result.

No matter what we'd like to think, we humans are not eternal fountains. Our energy is not limitless. Tug on a wire and some lights will flicker. Push that button and a toilet flushes somewhere in Singapore. Add two unexpected but welcome writing deadlines within the next week and the home-made bread and fully decorated cupcakes must go. Not just because there's no time, but because there's no juice in that creative well -- it's being used for other things.

I have no answer to this quandary, I can only offer it as an observation. Everything really is interconnected. All we can do is try and tend our inner gardens as best we can.

Speaking of which, guess what just sprouted?


Sue Woo said...

Yay! Taters!

You are so right about creative energy. The balance is a process. Enjoy your weekend!

Cat Bordhi said...

I am going to miss your daily posts so much! But I totally understand the need to parcel out creative energy allotments . . . as infinite as the well seems to be, it does stop producing if one gets too out of balance, too tired, or just too . . . well, too too. And now I go back to my book-making, and send fond wishes that your writing projects may be satisfying and eloquent (as they always are, from my perspective as a devoted fan of everything you do).

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Balancing that inner and outer tension is just so CHRONIC. I've been in an UN-committed funk for months. Getting committments would probably be energizing. I'm afraid, though, of the over-committment I tend to do. If that's too much empathy for a supreme court judge... well, I wasn't in the running anyway.

Chez Danisse said...

So true. As this year comes to a close and we near the beginning of a new year I evaluate how things have gone and how I want them to go in the future. These things you've written about, our creative well, our energy, time, they are all very much on my mind.