Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Just a quick update with two sources of inspiration. The first comes from a snippet I saw in Deborah Robson's blog. Check out this picture. Apparently Latvia is giving 4,500 pairs of these mittens, each handknit and each different, to every single NATO Summit visitor next month. Is that not the most incredible thing you've ever seen?!

And second, a snippet from Kristin Nicholas's blog. She and I share a deep respect for Julia Child. While I have my Julia Child rose in the front yard, she has a Julia Child cornmaze growing about 25 minutes from her farm in Western Massachusetts. I'd like to think Julia would've gotten a great laugh, and delight, from this one.


vi said...

clara dear, is your baby cat a maine coon?
or did I detect a bit of a wavey crimp to the fur on his tail?

winter is still a thing of beauty.....if the woodstove is good and the wood pile is high enough

vi with a 7 cord pile of her own and a basement full of bottled goodies.......

rho said...

I love the maze -- I love Julia - did you happen to read the blog of the woman who decided to use her cookbook and do one recipe a night until she was done - it was a super read and I am 99% sure it is now a book. Some nights she got in late and didn't want to do it - some things were flops but it was fun.

had my first fire tonight in the wood stove -- just a small breaking in the stove for the winter fire but it felt great - now to get more wood and hopefully BIL gets the log splitter fixed (that his son broke) so we can start splitting what we have already -- and a trip to get some already split wood is in store too.