Saturday, June 25, 2005

Bess's request for a wedding report prompted several people to email and ask if I'd gotten married and scolding me for keeping it a secret all this time.

So just for the record, it was my brother who got married a few weeks ago. I just went down for the ride.

He and his girlfriend have been together for 10 years, and they own a house together, so this wasn't a blushing "gee golly we get to spend our first night together!" kind of affair. But it was lovely because they are two peas in a pod, very good people entirely deserving of one another. For years they've been fiercely anti-marriage, but a month ago they had a change of heart and decided to tie the knot. Many suspect they have plans to breed.

the unity candle and two peoniesSo they tied the knot in a lovely little ceremony at their house, a big old Victorian near Boston that they've spent years restoring. They didn't tell anybody except very close friends and family. Neighbors stared, confused, as rented tables and chairs started to arrive, and finally my mother—simply bursting with excitement—snuck over and shared the news.

Later we found out that the closest neighbors gathered at their windows to watch the ceremony, which conveniently took place in the big corner bay window of my brother's house.

I enjoyed getting caught up with family (I hadn't seen my father for about two years) and playing with my nieces. Would you believe both pictures below are of the same person? First, we see her dreamily watching the wedding ceremony. And then we see her hamming it up for me at breakfast the next morning. What a hoot.

dreaming away... goofy!

cake!My favorite part—besides the part where we all sang "here comes the bride" because there was no music—was the cake. They got three, count 'em three cakes. An enormous chocolate cake, an equally sizeable and delicious lemon cake, and a fruit tart to end all fruit tarts.

Despite the intensely uncomfortable heat (the thermometer read 92 by the early evening) it was a lovely day and a fitting way to send these two good people off into the next stage of their lives together.


Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Clara's WindowClara's Window has reopened for another season! For those of you new to the whole story, I'll give it to you in a nutshell. The space where I learned to knit as a child, which was the general store in Robert McCloskey's One Morning in Maine, became available a few years ago. Led by heart alone, I quickly contacted the building's owner and signed a lease. And then thought about what I'd actually do with the space.

After much thought, I decided to use it for a small summer shop. A specialty boutique sort of place where you could stock up on bubble bath, fountain pens, pretty notecards, English teacups, tasty jams and candies... you know, girly-girl stuff. Not a yarn store, although it does have needlepoint kits. And I decided to name it after my blog. Clara's Window.

Right now it's only open on Fridays and Saturdays, because the town is empty and my plate is full. But in July and August, it's heave-ho five days a week, feeding KR with every other extra minute I can find.

enough already!On Monday the weather was dreary (as it has been for the last 26 days) so I decided to do a little Memorial Day stash inventory. In particular, I wanted to bring my handspun out of the shadows and into one spot.

Holy schla-moly. Am I the only one who has 10,000 little skeins of yarn sitting around, each one far too short for any reasonable project? This is just a corner of the stash, which took up my entire living-room floor. Absurd! Shameful!

What to do?!