Monday, June 28, 2004

fiber geeks
This is what happens when you give a fiber person a pen and paper. This was taken at the Maine Fiber Frolic, which I attended a few weekends ago. Twas a gorgeous day, and I managed to escape without buying a fleece. One woman aptly described it as a convention of cats—all of us oohing and aawing and nudging our noses into the fiber and pawing it with our hands. So true!

On the business front, the new location appears not to be in the cards. After much research and soul-searching, I offered a fair price for the space in question. The landlord (who lives with his mother next door—warning! warning!) never bothered calling me back. Which is just fine.

After several weeks of angst and planning, I unveiled details and registration for this year's Knitter's Review Retreat and—only five days later—the overnight portion is nearly 85% sold out. This year features an additional Thursday extension with workshop, which is limited to 15 people, and which sold out in a matter of hours.

From a success standpoint, it's fantastic. But I do feel bad having to send really nice, enthusiastic people away.

Here in Maine, summer visitors are finally beginning to arrive. For me, this means a fairly steady trickle of family from now until August. I worked on my chocolate pots de creme technique all winter so I could whip them up for guests at a moment's notice. (It's from the Zuni Cafe cookbook and is foolproof.)

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