Monday, December 15, 2003

Picture this: Early monday morning, you've been kept awake all night by a loud, windy snowstorm raging outside. You wonder whether you'll be able to dig the car out before the (now) rain freezes the snow in place. You wonder if the snowblower will actually work in this wet snow. You remember that the snowblower is currently out of gas. You wonder just how wet and dreary you'll get in the process. Sitting in bed, you try to make your tea last as long as possible so you can avoid this inevitable task.

Suddenly you hear a truck. It stops. Ka-thunk... vrooooooooom... screech... ka-thunk... vroooooooom... screech... and off it goes.

You look outside to discover that your neighbor plowed out your driveway on his way to work.

I can't say that this kind of friendliness is exclusive to Maine. But on this still-stormy day, I'm truly grateful for it.

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