Wednesday, December 31, 2003

A little while ago I received a gorgeous packet of handspun silk from Bess. It said, "Make me into a scarf, please please!"

So I did. And although the rest of my knitting projects have come to a screeching halt lately, this project flew through my fingers with a reassuring "ah, so I'm not losing it after all" speed.

Bess' beautiful scarf

Bess, this was a joy to knit, and I shall think of you every time I wear it (which is often, since I'm an avid scarf-wearer). Thank you, thank you, so very much.

Meanwhile, Casey is extremely happy to have my lap free again. This is his favorite spot, and he was getting mighty frustrated with all that scarf work I was doing...
Casey takes a nap

For those curious about the prospective building for Knitter's Review International Incorporated (and possibly Clara's Window, down the line), here's a shot. Keep in mind it's full of someone else's stuff and we're in the midst of winter, so no greenery to be found. But this is the general idea.

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