Monday, December 8, 2003

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

And snow, and snow, and snow...

The skies finally cleared today (hey, what's that blue doing up there?) and the snow stopped, but the wind is still howling. I spent the weekend wrapping wholesale and retail orders, and it's almost time to tackle Mt. Passat, the five-foot-high drift of snow that surrounds the car. The post office and UPS dropoff await.

While the snow fell, I stayed indoors and sank deep into the realm of geekdom upgrading the KR forums to a new, much more stable software version. I'm glad it's done now, because my eyes were truly beginning to dissolve into little pools of mush. You wouldn't believe how much havoc one misplaced apostrophe or quotation mark can wreak on a program.

In other news, drum carders are brilliant! I got a Fricke Finest at the retreat and have spent the last few weeks carding every fiber I could get my hands on. Nothing is safe. Even Casey looks at me nervously these days.

How revolutionary to be able to create your exact, precise fiber blend and color combination. I'm realizing just how obsessive-compulsive one could get with this. For example, you could create the precise colors for a fabric that gradually moves from one hue of a color to the next, with, say, 30 subtle color blends as you go. It makes most commercial yarns pale in comparison were it not for the insane amount of time and effort involved.

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