Sunday, November 2, 2003

T-minus no time at all before the KR Retreat in Virginia. I'm a nervous wreck. There will be 67 people there. Or 68? Or 64? Who knows? Every day a new scenario arises that puts somebody's participation in question.

But here's the odd thing: It seems that everybody is having or has had a seriously challenging year, far more challenging than at last year's retreat. This includes myself. And it leads me to wonder if a year really can be cursed?

I just hope everybody can make it, because we all need this very much. I've already put in a request to the lodge for more Kleenex, because we're going to need it.

To keep myself from going off the deep end of anxiety and nervousness, I've been spinning up a storm. But not the useful kind of spinning—the piddly kind where you end up with 22 yards here, 46 yards there, and no project in sight. Still, it's keeping me grounded. Mostly.

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