Tuesday, October 7, 2003

the field before its yearly haircutFuture home of sheep, alpacas, angora goats, and perhaps a water buffalo or two, before its annual shearing.
hey, there's land under there!And after its annual shearing. The pictures are small and dark, so use your imagination. And no, I don't think I'll add a water buffalo.
I'm guessing that fencing and lodging will be the two biggest expenses associated with Operation Fiber Freedom. Fencing is a must because we have coyotes, foxes, neighboring dogs, hungry bald eagles, and an enthusiastically embraced hunting season.

Lodging for Said Animals is also a must. Yes, I have a huge barn, but it's attached to the house, needs loads of work, and is already full of stuff. Hopefully my little four-legged friends won't need berber carpet and a Viking range in the kitchen.

My two favorite books on this subject are both by Paula Simmons. The first book, Raising Sheep the Modern Way, is a great way to dissuade any amateur weekend warriors from raising sheep—and that's the one I read when fantasy takes over and I need a reality check. Boy oh boy does it look like a lot of work.

And the second book, Turning Wool into a Cottage Industry, gives me hope. It's somewhat dated, but still an inspiration for anyone who wants to make this his or her livelihood. Does anybody else have good reference recommendations?

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