Wednesday, September 17, 2003

help!Oh order, where art thou? (Or in my case, oh assistant, where art thou?)

If you're wondering where your KR order is, here's a hint. If you're wondering why I haven't posted lately, here's a hint. This pic shows just one of five batches of orders -- two of which are still pending -- that came in during the past two weeks. Those plastic NeedleSizer tools are flying off the shelves faster than Denyse can even assemble them. It's a wonderful thing to see, especially as the bill for the 2004 KR calendar is due to arrive any day.
In the knitting realm, I have agreed to embark upon an interesting personal favor for a friend whose doggy is in need of woolly warmth this winter. I've taken measurements and will soon begin writing a pattern for a simple sweater for a smallish dog. I will definitely post my progress here, since I suspect there are more pooch parents out there who could use a pattern.
purdy purdy purdyAnd in the garden, the tomatoes are gradually ripening, the green beans are getting too big for comfortable consumption, the pumpkins are turning orange, and our two watermelons are ready to harvest!

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